Blink: New Name, New Vision for Bitcoin Adoption

• The Bitcoin Beach Wallet has changed its name to “Blink” as part of their goal to become the best tool for bottom-up Bitcoin adoption.
• Blink plans to enable users to set their local currency in Q2 2023, and features merchant tools for businesses, Bitcoin education, and tipping tools.
• The name Blink is meant to represent speed and positivity, with the hope that it will communicate well with customers.

Bitcoin Wallet Name Change

The Bitcoin Beach wallet has officially changed its name to “Blink” in order to better reflect its vision of becoming the best tool for bottom-up Bitcoin adoption worldwide. This wallet was first launched in El Salvador’s El Zonte as part of a project dedicated to creating a circular Bitcoin economy.


Blink plans to enable any user to set their local currency in Q2 2023, making it easier for users on-board and use bitcoin. It also features an in-app Bitcoin education section where users can earn sats for learning about the basics of Bitcoin, as well as merchant features such as a Lightning cash register and printable pay code that makes it easy and flexible for businesses to receive payments over Lightning Network or on-chain. Additionally, Blink integrates Nostr, which makes it an ideal custodial wallet for tipping, testing or traveling purposes.


The team behind Blink wishes for the wallet to be available in every language where there’s a Bitcoin community project so that they can further facilitate bottom-up adoption around the world. Furthermore, they have chosen “Blink” as the new name because they believe it represents speed and positivity; something that will communicate well with customers before changing the app’s icon and name.

Adoption Goals

By changing its name from “Bitcoin Beach Wallet”to “Blink” this project hopes that more people will be able use this service easily by setting their local currency within Q 2 2023. They also want this service available in all languages used by various projects related with Bitcoins all over the world which could help them achieve mass adoption goals .


All these changes made by Blink are aimed at increasing utility and accessibility across countries and cultures while enabling bottom up bitcoin adoption goals efficiently .