DigiToads Smashes Records: $6.2M Raised in Presale, Growth Potential Abounds

• DigiToads is having a successful presale, raising over $6.2 million
• The token at the heart of its ecosystem, TOADS, has potential for explosive growth
• With its convergence between memes and utility, DigiToads offers players NFT and P2E experiences with rewards

DigiToads Presale

DigiToads is having an impressive presale run, making it one of the most successful presales this year. Launched in the first half of the year, DigiToads’ presale has surpassed over $6.2 million, proof of its popularity within the crypto landscape and confidence in its vision. This makes the token at the heart of its ecosystem, TOADS, a high-value cryptocurrency with the potential for explosive growth.

NFT Collection & P2E Gaming

In a move termed revolutionary, DigiToads combines fun and lightheartedness with strong use cases that cover NFT and P2E. As an NFT ecosystem, enthusiasts and collectors can mint NFTs on the platform. Its NFT collection – TOADS NFT Collection – is expected to compete with other leading collections in the space making it a great investment opportunity. Additionally, as a P2E platform gamers will be able to collect and battle DigiToads to receive rewards such as TOADS tokens upon completion of monthly competitions which will reward 25% of players who participate.

Staking Rewards

Holders will benefit from staking rewards on their non-fungible tokens as well as residual income through P2E gaming activities on DigiToads platform. By playing games on DigiToads’ blockchain-based game they can gain an edge by nurturing their digital companions (Digi Toads) to become stronger and more intelligent creatures which can yield greater rewards when winning battles or competitions within Swamp Arena (the game).

Presales Ongoing

The presale is currently in stage 9 and each token costs $0.047 with end date scheduled for August 15th 2020 followed by Token launch date set for August 2nd 2020 giving interested participants enough time to join this exciting revolutionary project before official launch date where prices may rise significantly depending upon demand/supply equation after launch day up until significant eco system gains traction .


In conclusion , Digitoad is an innovative project that brings together memes , utility , entertainment , gaming & investment opportunities for users around globe while providing potential avenues for holders to gain residual income through staking non fungible tokens & taking part into various competitions & battles within swamp arena thus creating synergy between work , play & invest .