Pick n Pay Now Accepts Bitcoin at All Stores Across S. Africa!

• Pick n Pay, a South African retail chain, has launched acceptance of bitcoin for payments in all stores.
• Customers are able to use CryptoQR to buy groceries, airtime and electricity, plane and bus tickets and pay municipal bills with bitcoin at the till.
• This introduction could bring the concept of using bitcoin as a form of payment to a wider audience, potentially stimulating more widespread adoption of bitcoin usage.

Pick n Pay’s Introduction Of Bitcoin Payments

Pick n Pay, a South African retailer, has recently announced that they have rolled out the acceptance of bitcoin for payments throughout all their stores. Previously they had tested this out in 39 stores during November 2022. Customers can now use CryptoQR to purchase their groceries as well as other items such as airtime and electricity, plane and bus tickets and pay for their municipal bills with Bitcoin at the till! This could be a major step forward in the wider adoption of bitcoin payments.

Pilot Program Rollout

In November 2022 Pick n Pay had launched a pilot program that allowed customers to use Bitcoin for payments at 39 stores across the country. This was an important step towards introducing people to using Bitcoin as opposed to selling it for usability purposes. With this trial run being successful Pick n Pay decided to roll it out across all 2000+ stores under its brand name which will likely have an impact on how people view and utilize Bitcoin in South Africa.

Costs & Service Fees

The rollout by Pick n Pay also noted that there would be service fees involved when paying with BTC; costing customers approximately 70c on average of local currency or $0.04 USD (as of November 2022). Despite this minor fee people may still find it worthwhile due to its convenience or potential benefits associated with holding cryptocurrency like Bitcoin over fiat money (e.g., lower inflation risk).

Wider Adoption Of Bitcoin Payments

With larger retailers like Pick N Pay introducing BTC usage into their stores this helps further blur the line between setting aside money specifically for cryptocurrency use and simply utilizing it as you would any other form of money within your daily life. As more major retailers start taking up accepting BTC payments it will only further stimulate its widespread adoption which could be beneficial for both businesses and consumers alike depending on market conditions/rates etcetera at any given time period throughout its usage period(s).


All in all if successful this move by Pick N Pay could possibly introduce new users into using cryptocurrencies like BTC regularly instead of just holding onto them as assets; while also inspiring other large retailers around South Africa (and potentially worldwide) to follow suit thus increasing overall acceptance/usage rates not just limited within one area/region but potentially beyond its original borders too!