Play Games, Earn Bitcoin: ZEBEDEE & VIKER Launch Two New Titles

• ZEBEDEE and VIKER launch two additional bitcoin-powered games: Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch.
• Players receive a revenue share from the game, meaning VIKER splits what they’re earning with the player.
• ZEBEDEE’s platform allows for players to earn real money for playing, creating a more engaging experience.

ZEBEDEE & VIKER Launch Two Additional Bitcoin Games

ZEBEDEE and VIKER have announced the launch of two new bitcoin-powered games – Bitcoin Chess (iOS and Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (iOS and Android). These two companies have previously collaborated to release other bitcoin-based titles such as Sudoku and Solitaire. The success of these titles has prompted them to add even more exciting opportunities for their players.

How The Game Works

The concept behind the game is simple; players receive packs of scratch cards with a chance to earn Bitcoin if the cards hold the right combos on them. Additionally, players also receive a revenue share from the game, meaning that VIKER splits what they’re earning from it with the player. This provides an incentive for users to stay engaged in order to increase their chances of earning more profits from playing.

Why They Chose To Use ZEBEDEE’s Platform

Dan Beasley, co-founder of VIKER, explains why they chose to use ZEBEDEE’s payments platform: “Implementing rewards with ZEBEDEE’s platform isn’t about players earning money; it’s about creating a more interesting and fun experience.” Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE adds that their target audience is not necessarily just comprised of Bitcoiners: “These games have a massive global audience that mostly doesn’t care about Bitcoin. And we’re not asking them to.” He explains that it is easy to set up an account with ZEBEDEE so that users can connect it to VIKER’s games and withdraw any earned Bitcoin directly into their app wallets.

Upcoming Launches

The two firms are reportedly already hard at work on preparing for another game launch which will feature an even more popular franchise than those previously released by them – making this one very exciting!


Overall, this partnership between ZEBEDEE and VIKER is clearly beneficial for both parties involved; providing gamers with more ways to enjoy their favorite pastime while also having the opportunity to potentially earn some extra money while doing so! It will be interesting to see how successful these new titles end up being as well as what other projects these companies might come up with next!