Write Your Proof-of-Work Resume: How Bitcoin Gave Me the Courage to Succeed

• Mickey Koss was not invited to write for Bitcoin Magazine, but he found the article submission link and sent an email with an idea.
• Despite his second article being rejected, he kept going and ultimately got hired to write behind the scenes for a YouTube channel.
• The support and encouragement of the Bitcoin community gave him the confidence to keep going, despite being scared.

Finding My Way into Bitcoin Magazine

I’m Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics. I had spent four years in the infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps. When I stumbled upon Bitcoin Magazine’s article submission link by accident while looking for a customer service email address, I seized the opportunity and sent off my idea. After they accepted my idea, I wrote my first draft – even though it would eventually get rejected from one of the print editions of Bitcoin Magazine. Surprisingly enough, this rejection led to me getting hired to write behind-the-scenes for that same editor who had rejected me!

The Supportive Bitcoin Community

I was so scared about what other people would think about my writing that I didn’t even post it on social media until after 10 articles were published. But when I finally did post them on LinkedIn, the response was overwhelmingly positive! The encouragement and support of both my wife and the Bitcoin community made me realize that it was worth pushing through those moments of self-doubt and fear in order to pursue something new.

My Investment In Writing

Writing has become an integral part of who I am now; it has given me confidence in myself as well as opened up new doors that wouldn’t have been available otherwise. This article is proof that you can take risks if you’re willing to put in hard work; no matter how small or seemingly insignificant your contribution may seem at first glance – you never know where it could lead you down the line!

Advice For Others

My advice for other aspiring writers is simple: don’t be discouraged by failure or criticism – use them as opportunities to adjust your strategy or change your frame of mind instead. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you; whether it’s friends & family or members from within the crypto community itself – support comes from unexpected places sometimes!


At its core, cryptocurrency is all about taking calculated risks; whether we’re talking about investing money or investing time & energy into something like writing articles (or anything else). We must remember that each step forward carries its own rewards – regardless if we make mistakes along our journey or not!